Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The McCheeser 3000: The Ultimate Omelet Showdown

This week we had a little friendly competition in our foods class to see who could design the best omelet. By the time class was over, we had omelets made with Nutella, whipped topping, strawberries, bacon, ham, cheese, and everything in between. It was very interesting trying everything out. 

In this post I'm going to share my omelet: The McCheeser 3000! This is an omelet that I designed myself. It was a simple egg omelet with a macaroni-and-cheese mixed with sausage filling. Then it was topped with parsley for color. Many people were very skeptical about it, but I though it turned out pretty well :) The winner's have not been announced yet, but I think I might have a pretty good chance.

1. The first step is to prepare a box of mac-n-cheese. The specific instructions on the box include boiling the water, cooking the noodles, draining the noodles, and adding milk, cheese, and butter.

2. After making the mac-n-cheese, set it aside for a moment and get out 2 microwavable sausage patties. Microwave these patties and cut them up into small pieces once they are warm. 

3. Put the sausage pieces in a bowl with about a cup of mac-n-cheese. Mix it together. This is the filling.

4. Set this aside for a moment and make the omelet. The omelet that I made was very simple. Start by putting 2 large eggs, 2 T of milk, and a dash of salt and pepper into a bowl. Whisk them together and pour into a greased frying pan.

5. After the omelet looks cooked, carefully take it out of the pan with a spatula and put in onto the desired serving plate. 

6. Add the filling to half of the omelet and fold it over. Add parsley or sprinkle cheese on the top for decoration. Enjoy!!
The finished product - Delicious!!

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